The sale of a business is typically a six to twelve-month process where we seek to maximise the proceeds to the seller, while minimising any risks during and after a transaction.

  1. Preparation including engagement, data gathering and transaction strategy

    We get to know the owners and the business. We learn what is unique about the company and analyse the available data. We use this research to identify the potential buyer pool, as well as to design a sales strategy to suit your business. Every business sale is different and requires a tailored approach to ensure the best possible outcome.

  2. Conduct assessment of likely market value of the business

    We will give you our opinion of the likely price we think we can obtain for your business on the open market, considering its past and projected future performance, comparative market position, growth opportunities, current level of demand for the specific type of business, historical sales evidence of similar businesses, and many other factors.

  3. Researching buyer universe and approaching potential buyers

    For each potential buyer, we research their company, their financial performance, and the rationale behind the transaction. We make contact with the decision makers of the company, such as the CEO, CFO or Directors. We guide them through the acquisition opportunity, helping them meet their objectives.

  4. Marketing and negotiating indicative offers with buyers

    Each sale process is unique and designed to maximise value, but the next phase involves sharing information with the buyers, asking them for offers and key terms. We develop a first-class Information Memorandum (IM) that describes the business in sufficient detail so that a buyer can make an offer for the company. We often receive multiple offers on a transaction from a number of local and international companies.

  5. Managing due diligence right through to settlement

    The due diligence phase of a transaction is where transactions can often fall over. We seek to manage the dissemination of confidential information and control the dialogue. This ensures that our clients’ interests are managed and the buyers understand that the process is competitive.

    We work closely with both parties on key legal terms, and have significant experience in managing settlement and completion mechanics such as Working Capital.

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