Opening up a world of acquisition opportunities.

Whether you want to increase your market share, spread your fixed costs, gain better control of your supply chain, diversify your activities, or expand your current geographic footprint, acquiring another company can bring these benefits faster than organic expansion might otherwise allow.

Our research methods and teams are set up to uncover companies with the optimal strategic fit for your business, wherever they are located. We will initiate a confidential dialogue with the chosen targets at the appropriate level, provide an estimate of the target’s potential value, consider financial and commercial synergies, and recommend a suitable path.

What We Offer

  • Tailored advice to businesses across all sectors
  • Confidential dialogue with chosen acquisition targets at the appropriate level, usually on an off-market basis
  • Negotiate price and terms with vendor(s)
  • Strong relationship building skills with the vendor and other advisors as required
  • Experienced professional team, network of buyers, market knowledge, successful track record and international reach
  • Our fees are primarily success based
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How M&A Can Help You

By appointing Mergers & Acquisitions as your specialist advisor we will ensure that:

  • The feasibility of the acquisition strategy is properly assessed
  • Potential targets are identified and investigated, whether in Australia or overseas
  • The right price and terms are negotiated
  • The whole process is effectively and competently project-managed